Mission. Help representing Ukrainian creatives through taking on a broad range of activities and creative functions. Promoting local talent, we encourage collaborations, cultural relations, and support initiatives with the aim of integrating these people into the global context.

Goal. Showcasing Ukraine’s top creatives working in various fields to international media, agencies, public institutions, and the like. We aim to help these creatives get hired for either full-time or commission-based positions, ensuring stable demand for professional interaction.

In addition, GIVEN NAME exists as a curating/consulting company developing special projects with the focus on the issues of particular importance to the community.

This new organization is the product of a merger between the two initiatives (Bettter.Community and GIVEN NAME) joining efforts to reach greater goals.


Are you receiving fees/comission?

We are a non-profit self-funded organization and for now are able to guarantee that 100% of all talent fees goes directly to the creatives.

Are you an agency?

No, we are a community organization aiming to support ukrainian creatives affected by Russia/s war in Ukraine

Who provides legal/operations side of employment?

We offer consultations and support for commision based work. For any permanent employement, the company (employer) will need to take care of any legal documents and processes

What are the requirements to join Better Community?

You must be a Ukrainian national; You must be a creative working in any field from the following list.

I want to support the community with a donation. Where will my donation be used for?

Your donations will be used towards grants of 500-3000 EUR for creatives to cover legal fees, relocation services,work, materials, and professional needs.


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We act united to win Peace for all.